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Prologue, Exposition, And No Apologies

I had a blog, have had it for 2 years now. It was fun, I put a lot into it — including compromise, unfortunately. Way more than I’d intended.

I told some Realworlders about it, so self-censorship on the people/things they knew about was built-in right from the beginning; the cardinal no-no of personal blogging. FAIL. One of them was from work — so what I needed to rant about most was then verboten, lest it somehow get back to the Fat Cats who write my paycheck. FAIL.

Tried to build a community and a following, and found out that blogs have fuckin’ CHANGED since 2002. My writing voice, much as I tried to stop it, started to change to suit the new community…toning down the swearing, trying to “keep it light”…the failure of self-expression now almost entirely complete*. And updated weekly! For why??

No more!

Now I shall rant, ramble and swear about whatever I want.
I shall tell no one from my daily life about this bloggy reincarnation, and dish like a truckstop waitress. Getting readership through your friends is an easy and fun way to get a startup audience…and a guarantee that you can never say what you REALLY think about what’s happening to you and your life.

I will address the issues I choose, and hold culpable all fatuous posting schemes.
If you don’t have a whole lot of things you want to say, you don’t need to blog. Sure, nobody wants to be a quitter or let down their audience…but who wants to read this unimpassioned assigned-writing dreck? We’re not in junior high, and unless you shanghaied the Pope I don’t care what you did the summer you were 14.

I shall use obscure words in helpful context to promote autodidactic behaviors.
If you’ve understood every word in this post,┬áthen we’re on the same page. If you got what I meant, mostly, thanks for playing. If you don’t know what’s happening, I have it as a bookmark in all my browsers, and so should you.

Validation will not be a synonym for Complacency.
In real life, I am nestled in a cocoon of love, support, equitability and earnest compromise. If I don’t cultivate some sort of a private whetstone for my intellect I may lose my teenage edginess entirely, and sink prematurely into a squishy miasma of middle-aged cerebral surrender. I am not on here because I’m an angry person; it is actually quite the inverse.

I don’t know what it’s going to be like, or how well it’s gonna go…but I tried taking the path of least resistance, making the easy choices, and I ended up here. So let’s see where this leads.


* I solemnly swear that I never did a Throwback Thursday, or a giveaway, or took a sponsor. THOU SHALT NOT TAKE A SPONSOR. Your add space is your private place, and you should only offer it to someone you really really love.